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Study planning program

Town planning

The agency was missionnée, together with the consulting firm Sustainable Territories Council, the community of communes of the Pays Top Val d’Alzette to develop a party planning and to define:

  • the conversion schemes and their vocations as well as recommendations for urban construction and including forecast densities;
  • infrastructure and systems serving the entire sector areas including the opening of urbanization is a priority;
  • the organization of the service by the last interim and reintegration into the final scheme infrastructure;
  • organization edges with other sectors of the overall project and the existing development;
  • determining the conditions of the operational implementation;

At the gates of the Luxembourg border, we proposed the PETAL Ecological Transfrontier Park Activity project, Recreation and Education. The project is organized around three main elements: the urban structure, the active natural park and a metropolitan totem. These three elements are supported by a development strategy based on the strong differentiation of spaces, the concentration of all the specificities and functions.
It is therefore based on three major axes:

  • enhance the existing urban framework linking the different urban centers by structuring axes, alternative traffic routes, parks, new housing areas.
  • develop an economic strategy based on the strengths of the landscape by creating a rural center of excellence and the development of ecotourism.
  • promote cross-border dialogue space in response and in addition to Esch-Belval project to the Luxembourg border by creating a fleet of carbon offsetting, a business park with high environmental integration, a pole shared uses of a high-tech industrial park.

The project in figures:
€ 1,131,995,000 for the construction market
€ 198,083,400 gross revenue
729,100 m² building
16,500 potential workers
9300 potential residents