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The gardens of the castle

Town planning

The development of the Gardens of Castel is located 500 m from the historic center of Rodemack classified most beautiful village of France, near the Luxembourg-German border. The project 94 plots with an environmental approach.

In association with the urban landscape and Sustainable Territories Council office, we are committed to us, from the first sketch to the project to facilitate the implementation of low energy buildings. Work on the orientation, density and diversity of forms of plots allowed to meet objectives. The creation of a new district heavily impact the environment, including water management. That is why after geotechnical we could define a principle of water treatment to clean subdivision rain. These constructions are treated plot infiltration or cesspools, those of roads are drained by swales.

Designed around a park, we also hoped that this area of the place of social diversity and pedestrian. Two pedestrian islands are provided, in which the small habitat allow first time buyer and people of the third age to mingle.

For this project a detailed specification was made to explain the best good constructive approaches. The agency monitors and advises buyers throughout the design phase.

Location : Rodemack (57100)
Year : 2009 – 2024
Client : SODEVAM
Area : 75 000 m²
Budget : € 6,396,000
94 plots including :
57 individual batches
37 batches townhouses
3 Lots intermediate habitats